Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chage IMEI of MTK smartphone

                 I have searched all over internet for a simple procedure to change the IMEI no of my JiayuG3,

It’s a dual core 1Ghz 1GB ram Smartphone with Gorilla glass and retina display. It have ARM V7 processor and MTK6577 chipset with 2.5GB inbuilt memory …

It has brought from  They promised me it’s as a dual sim phone, but unfortunately  when I inserted  two Sims on that mobile it will detect both Sims but only one sim will work. The second sim will say no network….. oh really sad..  then I tried so many methods to change the IMEI but no effect… Finally I noticed a simple procedure to change the IMEI…Here I am sharing with you..

For changing the IMEI no you need this following things

22-      Mobile Uncle Tools from Google play store. Mobileuncle MTK Tools

33-      An valid IMEI no,
                                         Its really difficult to get for individual, so take copy IMEI no of your old unused mobile phone, and be sure we will never switch on the phone ever again.  If you switch it on, the both sim will not register to the network.
Its all done….

1-      Go to Engineer mode in mobile Uncle tool
2-      Select Engineer mode[MTK]
3-      Go to CDS information
4-      Select Radio Information

Here you can see Phone1 and Phone2, in that select phone2, because most of the Chinese clone phone the 1st Sim which is a 3G will work perfectly. Only the problem happens when we insert the second sim. If you check you can see the IMEI of 1st sim will start with 35xxxxx and the 2nd will start with 88xxxxxxxx. That is why the second sim is not able to register to the network, because its not in international formatted IMEI. So usually we need to change the IMEI of phone 2.

5-      Select the phone 2

Here you can see a command line with “AT+”. Now just add this command to it
                AT+EGMR=1,10,”15 digit YOUR NEW IMEI NO
And press “send at command” button. [ if you want to change the the phone 1 IMEI AT+EGMR=1,7,”NEW IMEI NO]

Yes we all done… now you can restart the phone and check the IMEI by pressing *#06#

If you have any doubt please feel free to ask…

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